Free Safety Checks

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Safety Check

Keep yourself, your family and your car safe on the road. Safety problems can arise with little warning or you've heard a worrying sound coming from the engine whilst driving, let our trained technicians put your mind at rest. Our comprehensive vehicle safety check covers lights, brakes, wheel bearings, tyre pressure and other crucial safety points.

What does the car safety inspection include?

  • Are horns and lights working correctly?
  • Are brake drums, discs and pads corroded, scored or distorted?
  • To check if your suspension components has any signs of corrosion, leaks or wear?
  • Are the brake hydraulic system, hoses and pipes free of corrosion, chafing and leaks?
  • Do the wheel callipers/cylinders work properly? Are they leaking?
  • Does the brake servo work correctly?
  • Is the ABS warning light displaying?
  • Are handbrake linkages in good condition?
  • Do wheel bearings need replacing?
  • Are tyres in good condition? Is the pressure correct?
  • Have shock absorbers weakened?
  • Are there signs of wear, leaks or corrosion on the steering?
  • Do the gearbox and clutch work correctly?
  • Are prop shaft/drive shaft gaiters and joints secured?
  • Is the exhaust system secure and leak-free? Is it making a noise?

Are there hidden costs?

Our car safety check is totally free. Our technicians may recommend repairs based on their findings, but they'll never carry out work or charge extra without discussing with you first.

How long do the car safety checks take?

The time it takes to carry out a safety inspection depends on your car and its condition. Please allow up to an hour.