A gearbox is a complex part of a vehicle, so ensuring that it is functioning correctly is crucial for the drivability and safety of the vehicle. It is important that your gearbox is kept in optimum condition in order to maintain your vehicle's performance. Our specialist team can provide gearbox repair and replacement service.

If you feel that your gearbox is faulty, bring it to us and we will complete a free gearbox check whilst you wait. Our team will diagnose the fault(s) and let you know the issues before starting any work on your vehicle. If you think that you have problems with your gearbox, just bring it along to any our Autocentre and one of our skilled technicians will check out the problem.

Common issues you can experience with a faulty gearbox:

  • Noisy gearbox i.e. crunching sound
  • Gearbox not responding whilst in Drive mode
  • Not selecting gear
  • Dropping out of gear
  • Hard shifting
  • Gear slippage