If your turbocharger has suffered core damage, we offer a range of repair options. We can either rebuild your unit plus the cost of the damaged component if applicable or we can fully re-manufacture your turbocharger. Again, all our turbochargers are built either to or greater than O.E specification and are balanced using our VSR machines at speeds of over 250,000 RPM.

Oil Contamination

If the engine oil in your vehicle is contaminated it may cause the premature failure of your turbocharger, contamination is particles or debris in your oil supply, these particles score the shaft and bearings as the oil passes between them, this scoring wears away at both components causing them to fail.

Oil Starvation

This is one of the most frequent reasons you might need your turbocharger repairing or fully re-manufacturing, Oil starvation is a drop-in oil pressure or a delay in oil getting to the turbocharger. A turbochargers shaft can rotate at speeds of 250,000 RPM, so it is very important for oil to lubricate the shaft and bearings, Turbos that have failed due to oil starvation will have failed bearings and can have broken shafts, missing turbine nuts and turned up blades.

We can often tell if a turbocharger has failed due to oil starvation, some of the signs include bearing pick up material on the shaft and heat discolouration.

Identifying why your turbo failed

As soon as your turbo arrives at AET, we will strip it and run a full diagnostic analysis. This enables us to discover why it failed. We will then contact you to share the findings, recommend a solution to prevent further failures and give you a fixed quotation to repair the turbo. It’s important to identify why your turbo failed, to avoid fitting a new one only to have the same thing happen again.

The benefits of our repair service

  • More cost-effective than turbo exchange or replace
  • Identify the root cause of the problem to prevent it happening again
  • Guaranteed fixed price gives you peace of mind