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Regular servicing

Regular servicing is vital for maintaining your vehicles optimum state. It allows one of our experienced technicians to get a good look across your vehicle, give everything a tighten up and identify any potential causes of concern. Vehicles that receive their recommended number of services are healthier, more fuel efficient and command a higher resale value.

At QCD we pride ourselves in our rigorous servicing, employing years of experience and nothing but the highest standards with each and every service we conduct. We can provide servicing for any vehicle manufacturer and model, including hybrid and electric vehicles.

Tailored servicing solutions looking after your vehicle

  • Our Major Service is a phenomenally comprehensive servicing option, providing over 100 checks across the entirety of the vehicle. We will provide new filters, a top up of all fluids across the vehicle, fresh engine oil and spark plugs. We advise that heavy road users, reaching around 12,000 miles a year, have a Major Service every two years.
  • A Full Service is another comprehensive servicing option featuring dozens of checks across the vehicle. We will provide an oil change, new oil filter, fuel filter as spark plugs where required. We advise that heavy road users, reaching around 12,000 miles a year, have a full service annually.
  • The Interim Service is a minor service suitable between Full or Major services. It includes a thorough check across the vehicle over a number of vital points, an oil change and a new oil filter.
  • Lastly we can provide an Oil & Filter Service where we can simply replace your old engine oil with new and fit a new oil filter.
  • We are able to provide servicing for any manufacturer and model of vehicle, including hybrid and electric vehicles.If you have any further questions regarding our servicing you can contact us here to discuss this further.

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