Interim Service

Every 6 months, 50-point service

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Interim Service

The Interim Service is designed for the high mileage car user (regularly exceeding 2000 miles a month), or vehicles which require frequent checks. Our ATA-trained technicians will test all the main moving parts that may need attention over a short period of time.

We recommend booking in for an Interim Service every six months to prevent any unforeseen faults with your car.

What’s Included?

Our Interim Service covers a 52-point vehicle check, including a visual brake, steering and suspension inspection, tyre condition and pressure check and adjust. All exterior lights and under bonnet levels checked, with levels topped up as required. Combine this service with your MOT and be back on the road within 2 hours, saving you time and money.

  • Parts and Labour
  • Oil supplement may apply if your car requires fully synthetic or specialist
  • oils
  • Manufacturer specification oil filter fitted to maintain your warranty
  • Completed in 1 hour or less
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment used
  • Service light rest & service book stamped / digital record updated
  • Vehicle health check and service report to take away
  • Applies to all car makes and models

52-point Service Checklist:

Clutch for slip/judder - gear selection
Brakes for pull/noise/judder/servo operation
Check for wheel balance
Check instrument panel for warning lights - Report
Check exterior lights operation
Check horn operation
Check front & rear wipers for operation/efficiency
Check operation & aim of front washer jets - adjust if required (rear washer jets if fitted)
Check battery condition - carry out voltage test - Report
Check alternator for correct charging rate - Report
Check seat belt operation
Check operation of mirrors
Check operation of brake servo
Check ABS warning light for operation (if applicable)
Check condition of windscreen
Replace oil filter/sump washer & replace the oil (additional charge for special oils)
Check for oil leaks - Report
Check brake fluid level & boiling point - Report
Check/top up clutch fluid level if required
Check coolant level & strength - Report minimum temperature
Check tyre condition & tread depth including spare - Report
Check & adjust tyre pressures including spare
Visual check of wheel alignment - Report
Check & report on condition of road wheels
If no spare is fitted - check the inflator is still usable/check expiry date of fluid - Report
Check exhaust system including catalyst for leaks - security - corrosion
Check fuel tank for leaks - security - corrosion
Check visual condition of fuel line
Visual check of clutch slave cylinder for leaks
Check gearbox/axle casing joints for excessive leaks
Check driveshaft gaiters for security & leaks
Check steering rack & joints for wear
Check rubber gaiters for splits & leaks
Check ball joints for wear and gaiters for rips & leaks
Check wheel bearings for wear or excessive noise
Check condition of shock absorbers & for excessive leaks
Check road springs for wear/breaks/corrosion
Remove road wheels
Check brakes hoses & pipes for leaks/wear/corrosion
Check brake pads for wear/damage - Report
Check brake discs for wear, corrosion, scoring & minimum thickness - Report
Check brake callipers are functional with no visible leaks
Replace wheels - set wheel nut torque to manufacturer specification
Check number plate condition and security
Check for timing belt replacement schedule - Report
Reset service light when required
Stamp service book
Carry out final road test
Service wash & vacuum