Puncture Repair Experts in Bletchley, Milton Keynes

A puncture is no match for our experts as they ensure that every puncture repair is carried out to the British Standard BS159. The British Standard set the requirements for tyre punctures and tyre repairs and have strict rules which much be adhered to.

We know how frustrating it is to get an unexpected tyre puncture, which is why we've made our tyre puncture repair service as easy and as convenient to use as possible, so you’re never left stranded.

Repairing a punctured tyre

Before every puncture repair, we check for secondary damage including deformed bead wires, rubber or tread separations, deterioration caused by grease or corrosive fluid (or age), marking of the interior rubber and any checks for all other signs of excessive wear to ensure that a safe puncture repair can be carried out.

If your tyre cannot be repaired to meet the British Standard BS159 which set the requirements for tyre punctures and repairs, we will not carry out any work.

When can a tyre puncture be repaired?

We will repair a tyre that has been punctured or damaged whenever is safe to do so. If a tyre is deemed to be unsafe for repair, or if there is any doubt as to its condition, then we will be unable to repair the tyre and will recommend that it is replaced.

Below are some of the possible reasons why we may be unable to repair a tyre:

  • The bead wire is damaged or visible
  • The tread or the rubber has separated
  • The tyre has deteriorated due to leaking fluid
  • The tyre has sustained irreparable damage
  • The depth of the tread is too worn
  • There are indications that the internal sidewalls have been subjected to overheating

The safety concerns and reasoning behind our technician’s advice will be explained to you at the time of the tyre inspection. If your tyre can not be safely repaired, our expert technicians can provide recommendations for replacement tyres to suit your car, needs and budget.

If your tyre cannot be safely repaired, you may need to replace the damaged tyre.

Can you repair run flat tyres?

We strive to repair run flat tyres whenever possible without comprising your safety, by carefully assessing individual tyres for problems caused by damage and age. Unfortunately, not all run flat tyres are repairable as damage on the reinforced sidewalls can be concealed and as such, a decision about repairing or replacing run flat tyres will be made by our qualified and experienced technicians.

What should I do if I get a flat tyre?

There is never a convenient time to get a flat tyre, but if possible, make sure that your car is in a safe place and away from traffic if you suffer from a puncture. If your car has a spare tyre (or increasingly popularly, a puncture repair kit) and you feel that you can repair or replace the wheel yourself, then do so before bringing your car to the nearest our Autocentre to have the tyre checked for damage.

Most puncture repair kits are designed as a temporary solution and that should hold at least until you can bring your car to a garage to have it inspected, but by no means will it last as long as a professionally repaired tyre. Similarly, many spare tyres are only designed to be used for limited mileage and speeds, so once the spare (sometimes called a donut) is fitted to your car, it is advised to bring your car straight to us so that your damaged tyre can be assessed.

When and when not to repair a tyre?

A tyre must be thoroughly inspected before repair and a repair must not be attempted in case of any of the following symptoms:

  • Tread depth below the legal limit of 1.6mm across the tyre's circumference
  • Broken structural integrity or run flat damage
  • In case of any damage caused by an external object
  • Worn out, aged or deteriorated rubber
  • Exposed cords
  • Any sign of previous faulty repairs
  • In case you are uncertain about whether your car tyre must be repaired or
  • not, seeking expert advice is a must